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Welly Enjoy IT provides direct guarantee which is processed in the simplest way possible. Please refer to the table below for the warranty times of various products, as the warranty periods vary depending on the product types.

This limited warranty provided by the manufacturer does not in any way affect a potential legal guarantee provided by law

Product Validity Guarantee (months)
Charger 24
Mice and Keyboards 24
Travel adapters 24
Networking 36

Warranty claims for quality problems

All defects related to the quality of the items sold by Welly Enjoy IT authorized dealers are covered by an extended warranty, which runs from the date of purchase (refer to the top page for the timing of the product warranty).

The limited warranty of Welly Enjoy IT is limited to the country of purchase. The limited warranty is void on items brought outside the country in which they were originally purchased or shipped directly from an authorized online purchase.

For warranty claims related to quality, the items will be replaced with a reconditioned model of equal value when available, otherwise a new article will be sent.

The warranties on all replacements follow the same warranty period as the original defective item or 3 months after the replacement. The warranty on products becomes void when the original order has been fully refunded,


  • The buyer must provide a sufficient proof of purchase
  • Welly Enjoy IT must document the problem solving procedure proposed to the client and its result.
  • The serial number of the defective item and / or a visible proof describing the defect is required
  • You may need to return an item for quality control

Valid proof of purchase:

  • Order number from online purchases made through authorized dealers
  • Sales invoice
  • Sales receipt dated by an authorized Welly Enjoy IT reseller showing the product description along with its price

Please note that more than one type of proof of purchase may be required to process a warranty claim (such as a receipt of payment and confirmation of the shipping address of the original item).

Warranty claims for product defects expire 90 days after the opening of a warranty claim. A warranty claim can not be processed for items whose original warranty period has already expired or 90 days after the warranty claim, whichever is longer.

Shipping costs are to be paid by the buyer in the following situations:

  • Return of products for any reason other than a proven defect
  • Warranty claims for items brought outside the original country of purchase
  • Returns made by the purchaser by mistake
  • Return of personal items
  • The items have been returned as faulty, but the quality control of Welly Enjoy IT has found a working product
  • Return of defective items shipped abroad
  • Costs associated with unauthorized returns (any returns made outside of the approved warranty process)

They are not covered by warranty:

  • Products without sufficient proof of purchase
  • Products lost or stolen
  • Items whose warranty period has already expired
  • Problems not related to the quality of the product (after 30 days from the purchase)
  • Free products
  • Repairs by third parties
  • Damage from external sources
  • Damage due to improper use of the products (including, but not limited to: falls, extreme temperatures, water, devices used incorrectly)
  • Purchases from unauthorized resellers

Welly Enjoy IT is not responsible for:

  • Loss of data deriving from the use of Welly Enjoy IT products
  • Returning personal items sent to Welly Enjoy IT

Welly Enjoy IT non è responsabile per:

  • Perdita di dati derivanti dall'utilizzo dei prodotti Welly Enjoy IT
  • Restituzione di oggetti personali inviati a Welly Enjoy IT

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