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About us

Ewent and Eminent supplies user-friendly ICT accessories for use with a pc, laptop or tablet. The Eminent line-up includes Networking and Security, The Ewent line-up includes connectivity, input, sound and vision, tablet and laptop, power and cables. The products of Ewent/Eminent come with a fresh and trendy packaging and are competitively priced.
Our Vision: “The solutions we offer are created by looking not only a WHAT a product ca do, but above all at HOW people make use it.”

Designed for daily use!
The Ewent/Eminent product developers have a clear goal when a product is developed. Each product must be easy to use and easy to install. We take a close look at how our customers use the products in their daily environment. Since technology keeps evolving and consumer demands are subject to change, Ewent/Eminent continuously offers product updates. As a result, our products meet the expectations from today and tomorrow. The manuals are available in many different languages and are showing how a product must be used. Instead of only speaking in technical terms, we are providing practical tips and recommendations, so that manuals are accessible for everyone.

A different kind of service
In some cases a multilingual manual does not provide the answer to all questions. Therefore, Ewent/Eminent is focusing on their sales and after sales support.

5 years warranty
We, at Ewent/Eminent, do believe in our products. That is why we provide 5 years warranty along almost all of our products.

Service Center
Our Service Center is well-known for their quick and excellent support. May a product not work as expected? Our highest priority is to come up with an adequate solution.

Accessible Helpdesk
When consumers are needing extra support with their products, our accessible helpdesk can be contacted by e-mail and social media. Our multilingual support agents are pleased to help.  link @

We care about our looks
The attractive and clear Eminent/Ewent packagings show the functionality of the products. We consider the packaging an important tool to communicate the features of a product.