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V16 Safety Emergency Light


  • High intensity and power LED light. Visibility is greater than 1 km and 360 ° thanks to its 12 super-bright LEDs, so its emergency position is maximized avoiding possible accidents.
  • Easy assembly thanks to a powerful Neodymium magnet makes it easy for the user to secure it to the roof or metal part of their car, truck, van, motorcycle or vehicle in general. It can be hung thanks to its hook provided on it.
  • Powerful Magnet, can be used in bad weather conditions. Withstands winds of more than 80 km / h, heavy rain or snow. It works with temperatures between -10ºC and + 50ºC
  • 2 in 1. It incorporates 2 modes of use - Emergency light and Torch.
  • Easy location inside the vehicle that favors being able to put it into operation without having to leave the vehicle.